Music Moment – Zola Jesus “Night”

16 May

Evening Pop pickers!

Was watching some programmes on BBC 2 tonight from their “the 80´s” season about the story of Boy George and Culture Club as well as the rest of 80´s UK pop music.

Well i´m NOT going to put on some Wham or Roachford tonight, but i will show you something that takes the 80´s as it´s cultural standpoint.

I give you the video to “Night” by Zola Jesus. Taken from her Stridium EP, this sees her take on lots of images from the 80´s (big shoulder pads, seagull haircut, neon lighting, soft focus). she also sounds a bit like a mid 80´s Souxsie Sioux or Danielle Dax. Either way her current EP is FUCKING. EXCELLENT. I suggest you buy a copy of it right away… go on do it! then go to bed while listening to it.

[Vimeo =



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2 responses to “Music Moment – Zola Jesus “Night”

  1. Will Ellwood

    May 16, 2010 at 11:02 pm

    My name is Will Ellwood, and I fucking approve of this.


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