Music Dump – Art Brut “Art Brut Vs Satan”

17 May

Whoo hoo! It be Monday! I can practically taste the bile at the back fo my throat….

right now i´m doing a couple of album reviews. Some of the music is pretty good, the rest not so much. But hey! It helps keep me in some form of beer money and i only have one kidney left so organ donation is a bit of a no-go at the moment.

But as it´s Monday, that means it´s MUSIC DUMP time! This week i thought i´d give you a little mini UK indie classic from last year.

Ladies and gentlemen, i give you “Art Brut Vs Satan” by ART BRUT.

An Anglo-german band, they are fronted by a man named Eddie Argos, whose lyrical style (and name as well) is reminiscent of Jarvis cocker in his wit and descriptions of the more mundane aspects of music and everyday life. “art Brut Vs Satan”  was their 3rd album and was produced by Frank Black of Pixies fame. It was recorded and mixed in only 2 weeks, and the end result is a loose, high energy rock that careers from beginning to end.

The songs are also lyrically and sonically pleasant to the ear. From the Kidulthood fantasies of “DC Comics and chocolate milkshake” , to the song “Am I Normal?” which has the most heartfelt account of awkward teenage crushes I’ve heard in a long time. Of and also they did the right thing unlike most art-rock by actually packing their songs with actual tunes.

You´ll probably remember the video for Alcoholics unanimous was featured in the saturday night music mixed that featured over the weekend. Or probably not as hardly anyone reads the is accursed blog anyway…..

you know the score. go to the link and listen to your heart’s content. Well i´m off to watch the news and get all naked and angry…

Try Art Brut HERE

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