Shameless plugging of a friends music – AMFJ: The Modern AMFJ Compendium of New Musics for Headphone Listening Single Series — Vol.00

18 May

I have a Friend

His name is Aðalsteinn. you may remember i´ve mentioned Aðalsteinn a couple of times already before on this blog. when he isn´t being a social gadfly and bon viveur, he make noise. Lots of it, under the moniker of AMFJ.  Just him, a couple of effects pedals, a laptop and his baritone icelandic “Roar”

Now even though we sometimes differ slightly on our music viewpoints (he is devoted to noise and power electronics, i´m more into drone in all it´s forms), he´s pretty much my go-to guy if i need something to melt my cerebral cortex.

I asked him a couple of weeks ago if he was planing to make any more tracks and he was rather coy about it. I now know why. I received a message a couple of days with a video to a new track he made. And now i´m going to show it to you.

The track is 9 minutes of harsh buzzsaw synth white noise that throbs at intervals to provide the “rhythm” with only intermittent clicks and hones to be heard above the swarm of electronic death hornets

Granted it´s not going to be for everyone, but if you are looking for something a bit FUUUUUCKYEAAAAHCUNT!!! then i recommend you give this a try. you can also listen to more of his track on his MySpace

Go on. Stamp on a seal….

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