Music moment – D.I. “summers Last Sound”

20 May

Good evening there my little badger baiters….

As you can tell, tonight i´ve been wallowing in nostalgia of my teenage music tastes. And while nostalgia is great, i´ve come to realise it´s rather shocking just how much music i missed out on at the time because i just didn’t have the aural discrimination or the desire to go after really hard to find nuggets of music greatness.

Such as these guys. Disco inferno (NOT the disco song) were a band that formed in the late 80´s and released a flurry of albums and EP´s in the early 90´s but alas remained unknown and obscure during their existence and have been rediscovered by music aficionados only recently. I certainly never heard of them when i was growing up.

Disco Inferno started off doing fairly run of the mill post-punk, until they sort of helped to create post-rock before the Likes of explosions in the Sky and Sigur Rós started trying out their annoying plucked guitar lines. Their use of sampling of non musical sounds to create the beat and atmospherics is light years before the likes of Animal collective and Gang Gang dance cottoned to it.

The track i´m playing “Summers Last Sound” mixes simple post punk bass lines, ambient Future sound of London utopia running water & bird sounds, and spoken word style lyrics that you´d expect on an acid house record. indeed it´s seems to picture the sound and feeling after a rave/all night party and you´re on your way home with a 6am sunrise covered in sweat grime and other bodily fluids. Yes you know that sleazy feeling……

Sweet Dreamssssss……………..

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