Music Moment: Vebeth special (2): The Go-Go Darkness

25 May

Evening Fellow Eurovision Junkies….

As you may have guessed, Iceland is happy tonight as our voluptuous envoy, Hera Björk has succeeded in reaching the final of the Eurovision Song contest. Although her song isn´t a shining victory by any means, the other entrants were so bad (Latvia´s singing was beyond awful) that the only way she could have lost would be if she farted all the way though shouting “God Hates fags and Norwegians!!”. Not that difficult really….

But afterwards i had to do an aural detox with some more stuff from the Vebeth collective. I´ve decided to explore one of their artists each day this week. So tonight it´s going to be…. The Go-Go Darkness

The Go-Go Darkness are ANOTHER duo (it must be the new power trio). This time it´s Singapore Sling’s frontman Henrik B. Björnsson & Elsa María Blöndal.  Like other Vebeth stablemates, they´ve gone for that old classic rock/pop sound of the early Velvet Underground and Lee Hazlewood and suffused it with a more modern electronic edge. Though a bit poppier that yesterdays entrants the two step horror, it still retain it´s own hoard of ill-being and oppressiveness…

If you like this and their other tracks, then they have an album out now. You can go here for more details on that…

Anyhoo, have a  listen and try not to have nightmares tonight….

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