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26 May

When i started this blog, one of the things i decide that i wasn´t going to get bogged down with was the idea of getting into too much analysis of local news and issues. Why? well to be honest i´m a lazy person at heart and  putting down an angle on what was happening so that the second class non-Icelanders would get in the way of listening to throbbing gristle and watching “the Apprentice” on the BBC.

But as we all know it´s one thing getting basic news facts, (which thanks to Morgunblaðið you get an aggregate of The Reykjavik Grapevine, Iceland Review & Icenews) but where do you go when you need some analysis of how the news affect you? Well read on young padawans and i shall enlighten you with my throbbing knowhow!

Right, first up is The Iceland Weather Report written by Alda Sigmundsdóttir. Her blog is a pretty classic example of how a blog start-up can grow out of initial expectations. When she started, it was just writing about her daily life and how Icelanders can be Oh sooo quirky and different. As time went on she gave some background and analysis on some of the main news stories that were happening at the time. She also started noting some of the more wilder excess of the “good time years” that a lot of Icelanders were experiencing and the notion that perhaps something wasn´t quite right about this.

Then the KREPPA happened…..

in the midst of this shitstorn, Alda´s  blog grew into a fairly important news and analysis source as she, like many others, tried to make sense of it all. And she´s doing very well out of it. She now gets asked by major media site around the world to be their Icelandic eyes and ears. Not bad going for a simple blog. There hope for me yet.

Next is Sigrún Daviðsdóttir´s Icelog. Sigrún is the London correspondent for state broadcaster RÚV and one of the few honourable Icelandic reporters left in Iceland. Okay maybe that´s a little melodramatic but her blog is very concise, clear explanation fo the main news issues regarding the Kreppa, especially as much of this analysis contains financial details that makes my brain bleed with indignation and contempt. Required reading….

Last, and perhaps a little least is Newshound! The newest of the news blogs (it´s been running for a few weeks) it´s the offshoot of the Grapevines online news service and is run by a certain Paul Nikolov. Now i know Paul and he is a fine upstanding young man, even if he is a filthy yank. He´s also one of the few Non-Icelanders to take an active part in local and national politics. (for the Left-Green party) which is certainly quite an accomplishment

For example, he recent post on why the Church of Iceland are a bunch of dicks for trying to block changes in the Marriage laws alone should make this blog compulsory viewing for anyone with an interest in Iceland.  Oh and he has shaven off the goatee as well…

I can assure you all that by with these 3 blogs, when your Stubborn old-school Father In Law yells “you are not Icelandic. you don´t know how it works around here!”, you can argue him into the ground safe in the knowledge that you are the alpha dog now! (note: this may or may not happened to myself in the past…)


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