Music Moment: Vebeth Special (3) – Dead Skeletons

26 May

For all this week i´ve been delving into the realms of Iceland´s Vebeth Collective. As you look more into them and their activities, it becomes clear that Vebeth is the vehicle for the many side projects of Singapore Sling and their associates. However this is no bad thing when you consider Singapore Sling are one of the coolest bands alive (if they didn´t exist Jim Jarmusch would have had to invent them) and Vebeth simply allows them to go off and explore facets of the Sling sound and mythos.

Take tonight’s band Dead Skeletons. A project of the Slings Henrik Björnsson and Nonni Dead (artist Jón Sæmundur Auðarson), they explore certain mystical aspects of life and death within music and sound. Both the name and the symbolism shows a prevalence of skulls and  death, which are also prevalent in many of Nonni dead´s works.  It´s certainly got some kind of neo-eastern death cult thing going for it

Here´s tonights song, “Dead Mantra”. A glorious piece of rumbling noise which sounds a bit like a cavernous Buddhist chant performed by the Shangri-Las. time to get that Karma on…..


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