Music Dump: Asura – Asura (2010)

31 May

Hooray it´s monday! the sweetest smelling day of the week…..

Ha only joking! If it weren´t for the fact that i´m getting paid, i´d take a rusty trowel straight into Monday´s right eye right now. But at least for you heaving piles of breathing meat, you can rest assured that you will be getting some free music on this day.

so today for you listening pleasure, i give to you the self titled debut album from electronic artist Asura

I downloaded this album earlier this year, but knew next to nothing about the artist. After some exhaustive searching (15 minutes on google), i found that Asura was not the Australian ambient musician but was the solo project of Californian musician Ryan York and that he is part of the Non Projects music label.

His debut album is simply a pleasure to listen to. From the opening track that has that wibbly ambient feel of early aphex Twin, he uses electronics and string instruments to create music that is bursting with pure positive emotion, not too dissimilar to Valgeir Sigurðsson. And you know when i say that it´s oozing with happy sounds, i do mean it. Spidery, crackling beats with foaming washes of bright synths sounds, at the same time with an underlying hiss and splutter that evokes other artists such as Boards of Canada and Apparat.

I do listen to this regularly at the end of the day to try to wind down and i seriously recommend that you try this guy out

Asura´s Myspace

Buy his album Here

Or you can try it here

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One response to “Music Dump: Asura – Asura (2010)

  1. ellyoracle

    May 31, 2010 at 11:33 pm

    This looks awesome, I was going to listen but I’ve realised I unplugged my speakers when the phone rang 2 hours ago and now it’s bedtime. So I shall listen tomorrow instead 🙂


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