Music Moment: Emeralds “Alive in the Sea of Information”

01 Jun


Well i´ve prattled on enough about Hypnagogia music for one night, but as a treat, i´ve decided to further enhance your musical knowledge of the genre by giving you one of my personal high notes from it. “Alive in a Sea of information” by Emeralds. This is taken from their 2009 album “what happened?”. As a synth odyssey it´s not hypnagogic in the truest sense of the word (the playback is crystal clear for example). But the gurgling rumbling noises they make with those KORG synths is very 70´s. Despite the huge amounts of woozy drone, it´s actually very melodic…. and then the striking new-age vocals kick in and takes it to a whole new level! Hints of Eno abound…..

I´ll probably get around to posting the album later on this year. In the meantime If you PC has decent speakers, then i suggest turning it up quite a bit and lay back into a daydream to get the full effect….

Dream sweet dreams…..


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