Music dump special: Floating free music that´s out there for you to catch….

05 Jun

i´m awaiting some pictures to be posted of the rather “messy” mystery arts trip i went on yesterday before i go into what happened, but there was certainly a lot of nakedness, alcohol and dirty red clay. I´ll probably write about it tomorrow or monday.

But until then, let´s see what free music is out there for us to cannibalise on teh internets for your listening pleasure. First up is Dunian. There´s not much information on his MySpace page, apart from the fact that the garish background animation is bound to give you a massive migraine. But his music has that kind of crunching beat driven electronic pop reminiscent of the likes of Four Tet and Toro Y Moi. But more importantly his debut EP is free to download from his MySpace page. It´s guaranteed to put you in a good mood…

Next up is How to Destroy Angels. If you haven´t already known, this is the side project of the Dark overlord od moody industrial pop Trent Reznor and his partner Mariqueen. If you fancy some dark, minimal electronic alt-rock that would give Massive Attack nightmares, then you´ll love this. The video is especially bleak with blood, fire and death. I´m sure there’s some hidden message if i can be bothered to work out what it is. Their 6 track debut EP is also free to download from their website.

and last but not least is the collaboration between Icelandic Blues-Master Mugison and My editors band of supreme noise rock slackers Reykjavik! Their track “sumarást” manages to blend the two main component parts of their sound (blues rock and…err… loud noise rock with added twiddly bits). But it sounds all fun and great to dance to. And you can download it for free here!

Reykjavik!/Mugison – Sumarást


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