Music Moment – Leftfield “Melt”

06 Jun


I´m just chillin´and surfing the net for article about quantum computers and donkey porn from Finland when my lovely Friend Elly W has been  tweeting and facebooking how she is having the time of her life watching Leftfield in Sheffield tonight. I thought they had split up, but no they are getting together and playing some festival gigs this summer.

This got me thinking about their debut album “Leftism”. Damn that was a great album! i remember listening to it a LOT in 1995/96. It was also when the film “Trainspotting” came out and there was a lot of synergy with the film and this album. I often remembered they would use this track to on TV programmes about drug use in Scotland or about Trainspotting´s author Irvine Welsh. Not surprising really. The song evokes the blissful highs of a good hit of smack on a summer’s evening. Or so i´m led to believe….

Goodnight. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz……


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One response to “Music Moment – Leftfield “Melt”

  1. ellyoracle

    June 7, 2010 at 12:20 am

    *** aaaahhhhhhh!!!!*** LEFTFIELD! Pix to follow 😉 Glad it brought back the memories :). Blast from the past-tastic; seminal in the actual metaphorical sense of the word. (Not the anatomical sense, that would be unsavoury..). GOOD CHOICE of tune!


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