Music Dump: VA – Grind Madness at the BBC: The earache Peel Sessions

07 Jun

Ok now that we are into the month of June, we´re approaching what i like to call “Metal month”. As our favourite metal festival Eistnaflug is only a few weeks away, i´m using this time to prepare myself physically, mentally and spiritually by immersing myself fully into the wonderful delights and dark crevasses that metal and hardcore music offers. Kind of like heavy metal high altitude training if you will….

And as as such, you will be forced to join me in sampling the same said delights on this blog as well. so to kick everything off, for this weeks music dump, i´m giving you the motherlode. I´m offering you Grind Madness at the BBC, the earache peel sessions.

The late, great BBC DJ John Peel was many things to many people. And his endless quest to find cutting edge music that wasn´t getting played anywhere else meant that he used his show to give a platform to genres and bands who were on the margins of popular music at the time.

One such marginalised genre at the time in the late 80´s was Grindcore. A truly angry,seething blend of hardcore punk, death metal and industrial music. It was played at 100 mph and was primarily designed to sandblast your soul with many songs barely lasting over a minute.  And the Peel show gave many of those early Grindcore bands their first ever radio play. Now this has culminated in a THREE CD set containing an inexplicable 118(!) tracks from the period 1987-90.

The 1st CD contains all the peel sessions from Napalm Death and Extreme Noise Terror. At 56 songs and just under 2 hours, it´s probably the most brutal and pummeling (and therefore the best) of the 3 discs. If you can get your way though this one in a sitting without it overwhelming you, then you are either deaf or a freakin´psycho that should not be allowed near children or animals.

CD 2 contains moves more into extreme and death metal with peel session tracks from Carcass and Bolt Thrower. This CD is even longer at 2.5 hours. I have to admit i needed to stop half way through as it was actually giving me a slight headache (At last a CD that does what it says on the tin!).

CD 3 sees us moving further away from the roots of grindcore with the likes of Heresy (Hardcore Punk),  Intense Degree, Unseen terror (extreme metal) and Godflesh (industrial/Machine Metal).

If you want to get to grips on the foundation stones of todays death, extreme and industrial metal, then you could do a lot worse than trying this frankly depraved sonic apocalypse. Play it to your kids and give them a real music history lesson.

Try Grind Madness at the BBC Here


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