Music Moment: Manatees – “The Sunclimber”

07 Jun


Well as we are walking down a heavier road on this blog over the next few weeks, i´m going to take this opportunity to bludgeon you with some truly dense, heaving metal that could only exist in Neurosis´wet dreams.

Manatees are a 3-piece band from Carlisle UK. Their 2009 release “Icarus the Sunclimber” is their most ambitious release to date and was one of my albums of 09. Ok you could call them sludge, but they also take in aspects of Post-rock, prog and industrial to create a beautiful draining wall of sound in the Isis/Neurosis/Electric Wizard/Angelic Process mould. They just blow the hinges off all the other Doom/sludge competitors and jumps repeatedly on their puny little skulls. I´m truly surprised this album hasn´t received more attention than it has

I´ll probably re-post the album in the near future, but until then i give their title track, the 15-minute epic “The Sunclimber”. Several minutes of tribal riffing, scalding feedback and  pounding drumming, followed by an almost transcendental calm building up to an ear slitting climax….

Enjoy…. BWAHAHAHA!!!

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