What happened when i watched some nude art….. Kolli Kvlt´s mystery tour!

08 Jun

ok now that my good friend Frímann has posted some pictures of the event, i can now share some little details with you about my attempt to try to press some culture in my puny brain with some performance art last Friday. The event was hosted by local artist, Retrön member and general Dandy-about-Town Kolli Kvlt.  The ethos is simple. Meet up at arranged meeting place where you are whisked to a secret location where you watch some art and music, then get drunk and make a tit of yourself in the process.

So we all met at Bakkus bar, where we decided to get stuck into some cheap beer (and i managed to find out why Reykjavik´s last album (in my head) sounded badly mixed). On the stroke of 6 the bus arrived and took us on a little trip to a place called Vogar, a small village between Reykjavik and the International airport.

Approaching a small barn by a large house, i should have been on my guard when the organiser said “we need some strong muscular men to help with the performance!”. I should have been on even more guard when i tipsily volunteered!

And the art was…. well… provocative to say the least. In a darkened barn, we were met by two guys, one of whom was Kolli himself, who were naked and covered in red clay. After some instructions and trial runs (god they were heavy), the installation started. They were hoisted by us muscily (note we were stripped to the waist – My Idea!) above to a giant paper maché head with a haunting goth-like face projected on it. After some dark ambient style music, they proceed to bash the shit out said head to it´s waiting screams, which revealed…. FREE BEER!

Afterwards we were treated to what was possibly the last performance ever by noise duo DLX ATX. Damn noisy but damn fine as well! It all got a bit messy as most of us needed a shower to clear all the filth and muck (and in my case, blood from rope burns). To celebrate we all  took part in a battle between Iceland and the Rest of the world as to who could be the biggest drunken fools in a short space of time.

Other delights included losing a kung Fu fight with a 5-year-old girl, having a constructive conversation on Editorial insight with “Boss”, Feng Shui consultant and resident Mr Miyagi Haukur, and having a rather “animated” discussion about one of my recent reviews with friend Rebecca, who pointed out to me that classical music is the basis for all rock music. And she may have threatened to break my face for my hideous lack of knowledge on classical music. Who can say what really happened?

Needless to say i didn´t last beyond midnight and have trouble recollecting getting home. All the potato salad was gone the next morning…..

I love art! Let´s do ti again sometime….


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