Low Power Round up and tying up loose ends….

10 Jun

Ok things are a little hurried down here at the farm. I´m flying to London today so that means i have to make sure i´m packed, try to remember my tickets and money (remember kids Disregard slaves: Hoard hard currency) and tie some loose end up on here. That includes washing down the sheep´s S&M Harnesses. They get awfully filthy you know….

So while i´m away, the site will be running on impulse power. Will try to make the odd little post here and there, but don´t expect too much. but before i go here is a round-up of the flotsam and jetsam on my in-tray…


This was a webTV series about culture and the music nightlife in Reykjavik that died down for a while… until this week when the first episode in a new series was placed on the Net. Hosted by Gunnar “Gussi” Guðbjörnsson, the first episode is a recap of the previous series (which was mostly metal and hardcore acts. You´ll see the likes of Severed Crotch, Sólstafir and Morðingjarnir), a profile of Ólafur Arnalds and a trip to everyone’s favourite Icelandic online music store/network  Gogoyoko. Was interesting to see how people i recognised on there! So watch and get a decent insight on the icelandic music scene…


OK here is what i think you should be listening to this weekend. Because i most certainly won´t be…

REYKJAVIK! (add another ! there) – The top noise rockers and fuzzy faced urchins are hosting their annual Summer-Ape concert on Friday at KaffiBarinn. Doors open at 10pm and it´s FREE! If you don´t go to this gig, i certainty don´t want the likes of you reading this blog any more….

KIMONO + SWORDS OF CHAOS!! – On Saturday night at Sódóma, Iceland’s premier indie rockers, Kimono, are playing with Swords of Chaos in supports. This is music for grown ups. So if you are like me (god i hope not!) then get there on saturday forthwith!


PEARS have a free EP for downloading. I had this in my RSS feed awaiting to be downloaded (along with 150 other items!) but my father (and samurai sword teacher) Warren Ellis, posted the link this morning. So here you are for you listening pleasure… DOWNLOAD

Lesbian music – A new mixtape by Flight: Flight are a psychedelic garage rock band from the US. I suggest you check them out. Well they´ve made a mixtape simply titled “Lesbian Music” that contains tracks from the likes of Gary War, OMD, Prince and Acid mothers temple. It´s a heady, melted mix full of post punk,  disco, synth pop and other assorted stuff that lesbians like to listen to (allegedly). i think goes really well with the film,  “Lucifer Rising” by Kenneth Anger.  (Note: there is a film festival on at Gallery Crymo this weekend where this and the Excellent Alejandro Jodorowsky film “el Topo” will be shown. I suggest you pop down there and see some of it.)

Download the mix HERE

OK That´s your lot for today. Shit have i turned the gas off?????



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