music moment: Forest Swords – “Miarches”

14 Jun

Afternoon there!

Well my London trip has been nice and relaxing. I’ve even managed to get some time to make the odd post here and there. One good thing about London is that it’s a great place where listening to music can change/enhance the atmosphere and surroundings as you travel through it. For example, listening to Demdike Stares “Forest of evil” while travelling the tube on an evening convinced me that in reality , my train carriage was no more than a tapeworm travelling satan’s Intestine.

And when i arrived a few days ago, i was travelling through Brixton on a very warm evening while this was on my headphones. Forest Swords are a bunch of new guys who live near where my Mum lives! (Hoylake on the Wirral).

Their debut album “Dagger Paths” is a hypnotic blend of drone tinged folk, lo-fi pop and spaced out Dub and Rn’B samples. A bit like if bands such as grouper started taking  a LOT of drugs and listening to King Tubby records.

This song in particular”Miarches” just seemed to fit the laid-back but hard-edged undercurrent that Brixton possesses really well….

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