Music Moment: Meursault – Crank Resolutions

17 Jun

What Hey! I iz Back from London!!

Okay i feel like i´ve been fucked by a truck as i didn´t get home until 1:30am this morning and didn´t get to sleep till 4am due a nicely timed bout of insomnia. So im only going to make this post today before i get some sleep and then into some serious writing/posting/listening/reviewing.´

Meursault are another one of those bands that I´ve just recently heard of. They are an exponent of what i term “little Epic Music”. Bombastic themes of struggle and loss, pain and pleasure etc sung to a large sound that will probably get them dubbed “The Scottish Arcade Fire” or “The Brand new Glasvegas”. They´ve been building a name for themselves in their Native Edinburgh for a while now with their sound, which is probably the best  use of collective folk and laptop electronica since…well… they sound a lot better than Animal collective anyway…

Crank Resolutions is taken from their current album “All creatures will make merry”. A slow-building epic hurl of layered electronics, field recording sounds, folk and the most howling confident Scottish singing voice since the Proclaimers.


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