Music Dump: Eistnaflug Hardcore Grindhouse Special!

18 Jun

Afternoon my fellow owls of Hatred….

Ok i was away for all of last week, which meant i neglected a few of my blogging duties this week. Especially as we are now demanding lots of NOISE in order to prepare our ears for Eistnaflug. Well yesterday i was beavering away and i have managed to put together a lovely sick little pack of Hardcore punk music that is guaranteed to violate your ears with intense S&M brutality.

so What is on offer?

Firstly we have “Messy Isn´t it?” by Californian Punk bandDangers. These guys were suggested to me by a lovely friend called Joe who is a total hardcore punk whore. He said that this was shaping up to be one of his albums of the year and it´s pretty easy to see why. Their sound is simple in it´s execution and it screaming vocals (you can understand what he´s saying for example). But the lyrics are particularly bleak. Basically they´re saying that life is horrible, bad things happen to nice people and then you will DIE without any dignity available to you. A pleasing paean to the wonders of society!

Next up is the 2004 self titled album from Das Oath. A thrashcore band  from Holland, they play their punk hard fast and furious and a lot more manic and frenetic than Dangers. See that Breeze Block that was dropped on your car windscreen from above while you where driving? they did that and they laughed at your shocked face the whole fucking time!!

Ok, you have hardcore music. THen you have Death metal. Mix the 2 together and then you will have a good idea of where Pig Destroyer are coming from. Their 2001 album “Prowler in the Yard” is a putrid symphony to all that is wrong with the human soul. I mean with titles such as “Scatology Homework” and “Snuff Film at Eleven”, this is definitely something to play at your childs 10th Birthday (Daddy, whats a trojan whore?). Oh, and they make this noise without a bass player. Freaks…..

Last, but not least, is San FRancisco Hardcore punk outfit Punch with their 2009 self titled album. I don´t know about you, but hearing female fronted hardcore music always makes me want to leave my house and commit certain atrocities. You know, things like french kissing a cow, pissing on Skifan music shop and eating rotten shark with Thai shrimp paste.

To listen to all this seeping noise, then try to click on this link here

Now fuck off and stop bothering me. GWRRRAAAAGH!!!!!


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