Sunday Metal Movie Madness! “Once upon a time in Norway”

20 Jun

let´s get down to business shall we?

For the next few weeks in the run up to eistnaflug, i´m moving away from the regular Punk movie matinee to shed some light on the sweaty, studded jockstrap of metal and it´s fun times. So for todays installment of Sunday Metal Movie Madness, i´m going striaght for the prostate. I give to you the 2007 documentary, “Once Upon a time in Norway”

Recently there has been another documentary doing the movie festival rounds titled “Until the Light takes us”,  which has been gathering favourable reviews on it´s story of Norwegian black metal and the murder of Burzum member Øystein Aarseth by fellow band memberVarg Vikernes  . However some people have taken umbrage to the fact that the film makers were too close to their subjects and is often too one sided, relying on not enough independent accounts in it´s overview of the history of the early days of Norwegian Black metal.

“Once upon a time in Norway” is a bit more different. There is no concert footage and hardly any black metal in it´s soundtrack. It´s almost perverse. What we have are numerous talking heads from the main bands of the scene at that time (Mayhem, Emperor and Cadaver) talking about the rise of the scene in Norway, the Suicide of Mayhem vocalist Per Yngve Ohlin (aka ‘Dead’) and the aforementioned murder of Aarseth. The film also talks to a minister from one of the firebombed churches about the incident and associated violence eminating from the scene.

Given that most of the interviews come from people within the scene, it comes actross as surprisingly balanced and gives a slightly different take on the othodoxy of what went down in Norway at that time. An interesting watch….

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