Birthday music madness: Electro Wankery @ Sódóma 19/06/10

21 Jun

(And no alas due to me breaking a SECOND camera this year, there are no pics from the evening…)

So as the world and his polarbear may have realised, i may have had a small birthday last week. When i got back from London, Sigga suggested we go out to have a little drink to celebrate. It was supposed to have been a saturday, but due to England playing like a bunch of club-footed Golems against Algeria, we decided “Fuck it. Let´s get hammered on Friday!”

After several beers, shots and some petrol, we decided we were going to listen to some of the electro stuff that was coming out of sódóma that night. There was a concert going on as part of a benefit night to raise funds for the Reykjavik Music development centre, which is under threat of closure. And Sykur, Quadruplous and the Grand Electro Overlords Gus Gus were performing. Sold!

When we got there we´d already missed Sykur, which we didn´t really mind to be honest. So when Quadruplous came on, i decided to hang around and have listen. I rather liked them and their squelched, swampy beats. A bit like Orbital, but with the extra crunch fart power of the climax to Aphex Twins “Windowlicker”. Sigga wasn´t a fan of them though. Damn no sense of taste in that woman!

While i went to the toilet, i bumped into Daníel Águst from Gus Gus on his way to the stage. He seemed to be wearing something that looked like a cross between a jesters outfit and something the swiss guard in the Vatican would wear. When i get back the Gus were ready to unleash hell…… err wait a second…

Tonight’s Gus Gus was a really stripped down affair, a Gus Gus “unplugged” if you will. With no Lights, props, or theatrics it looked a bit like a classic car that  was stripped down to the chassis at a chop shop for spare parts. In fact there were only two of the band there, the other being Prime Minister Bonzo sitting on a stool  surrounded by the prerequisite pedals, dials and laptops. He did look really stylish though  with his raffles crew cut.

And then the music happened. Most of the set came from the current album 24/7. This meant that the music started off with minimal pulses and throbs, then a mid tempo beat would start after a few minutes, sloooooowly building it up until, until…

Until…. well i don´t know what exactly. The thing with Gus Gus´s current oeuvre is that it just doesn´t go anywhere. And although it´s not that bad (Daníel´s singing was good and at least he seemed to be getting into it) it´s just not that spellbindingly great either. I so wanted to get down and heavy with them like i used to circa 2008. But it wasn´t meant to be tonight. Sigh….

We left after three quarters through their set back to the loving bosom of Bakkus and numerous Opal shots, before succumbing to the exceptional tastes of Syrian Kebabs from Habibi (seriously try the wrap. They are most fucking excellento!). This meant that Saturday was pretty much a write off. Oh well

Two more weeks until Eistnaflug. More sigh……



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2 responses to “Birthday music madness: Electro Wankery @ Sódóma 19/06/10

  1. ellyoracle

    June 21, 2010 at 11:16 pm

    Ah you mentioned GusGus sucking on twitter but you didn’t mention fucking Quadruplos! Fucking love them! I am going to make them play Beatherder. Obviously this is going to happen.

  2. ellyoracle

    June 21, 2010 at 11:16 pm

    Oh yes, Happy birthday 🙂


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