Iceland Airwaves update: The bastards try to sneak an act past me…

22 Jun

So while i was away, it turns out those worker bees at the Icelandic Music Export announced another act who will be appearing at Iceland Airwaves. Now this surely is not good sport, as it makes me look behind the curve in all manner of things!

Where was i? Oh yes! the latest act to be announced is electro pop act duo Hurts. They´re from Manchester and they´re the brand new  white-hot things in the electro pop scene. What they do is a modern reworking on classic miserablist, moody 80´s synth pop. I´d actually heard them at the beginning of this year when i came across this remix of their debut single “wonderful Life”. The sleek, sharp percussion and alliance of heavy stings to synths, as well as the sharp suits and laser-guided hair harks back to the  times of the Pet Shop Boys´ “it´s a Sin”, padded shoulders and soulless london yuppies. Which is something i actually rather like as a whisper-of-my-cultural-youth sort of thing.

Oh yeah they have a new single out called better than love. And like all those 80´s pop maestro Duran Duran, the pet shop boys, etc etc, they´re ransacking the old 30´s cabaret Wehrmacht bourgeois look, the models look appropriately androgynous and aloof and the lead singer looks remarkably like Luke Goss from Bros (ask you mum kids). But god look at that hair!

Ok they are a pastiche of 80´s pop, but at least they are a superior pastiche and in this day and age where new original ideas are as rare as an apology from an Icelandic politician, i´ll take this for all it´s worth…..


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