Music Moment: Thorr’s Hammer – “Dommedagsnatt”

22 Jun

OK the last post, while i enjoyed the music, was taking me a little away from my Eistnaflug music preparations (it´s safe to say that if i ever play 80´s electro pop there, i´m not coming back alive, or in one piece).

so let’s get really harsh and nasty tonight as the Sun lowers over Reykjavik, with a brutal pitiless piece of Doom metal from an Ultimate cult band…

As i´m lazy here´s the Wiki…

Thorr’s Hammer was formed in Ballard, Washington by Greg Anderson and Stephen O’Malley during winter 1994-1995. Soon after, Runhild Gammelsæter, then 17-year-old Norwegian exchange student, joined the band as vocalist/lyricist. The band reached its final form when Jamie Sykes and James Hale joined. The band was active only for six weeks, during which it played two gigs and recorded a demo and an EP entitled Dommedagsnatt. The band disbanded after Runhild’s return to Oslo.

And they were a lovely noisy prospect. None more so than singer Runhild. The truly terrifying gutteral growls are all coming from her, a sweet Norwegian teenager. It has to be heard to be believed!

From the ashes of Thorr´s Hammer Greg Anderson and Stephen O’Malley, went on to front Burning Witch, Khatane, set up Southern Records and create the must oppressive of all doom metal bands, Sunn o)))

Never has metal looked so crushing or alluring…

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