Music Moment: The Secret Machines “the Fire is Waiting”

24 Jun

Good evening there my den of Rabid monkeys…..

God i was bored this evening. The football didn´t interest me, the Internets was slow and sluggish like a woman on Rohypnol, and i was a bit tired as well.

I also have a copy of the Latest Haffi Haff album with me with a view to review it. I´m almost too scared to listen to it, but i´ll give it a go over the weekend.

so tonight i needed something to rouse the lingering stomach microbes in the deepest passages of my bowels. And i remembered this song…

Most Icelanders may remember the Secret Machines for their song “Alone, Jealous and Stoned”, which received a lot of airplay in 2007/08. Well they have been quietly plugging along and released their last album “Secret Machines” almost unnoticed in 2008. Oh and they also lost their founding member which was a bit careless of them…

I seriously recommend that you get the “secret Machines” album. It´s a thunderous Pink Floyd style prog rock romp that hits all the right spots. I´m playing “the fire is waiting”, which is the cacophonous closing song. It just has that big, Pink Floyd, Sci Fi style of apocalyptic space rock that makes me shudder. When i play this song, I always seem to picture a city being laid to waste by tsunamis and Giant Cthulhu type sea-gods with tentacled penises these size of buildings. Or something like that.

Well have a listen and see if you agree with me….

Night night….

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