Music Dump: Eistnaflug metal package special (1)

26 Jun

Okay sorry for not posting anything yesterday. I was going to, but then i got a call from the Grapevine editor (and my personal spiritual counsellor) Haukur asking me to attend an editorial meeting at a bar to discuss  what was the “best of Reykjavik”. On top of that, there was free beer…. lots of free beer! Sigga noted that my eyes were going in different directions when i got home last night. Why do i keep making this same mistake whenever i´m placed in the vicinity of free alcohol?

But anyway back to business. Eistnaflug is less than 2 weeks away and my metal music training is now in full swing. And to help you along i´m giving you the first of many metal music packages to provide some inspiration when you make you nightly sacrifices to the great horned metal god.

First is Heavy Breathing by Seattle metallers, Black Breath. Signed to Southern Lord, those fine purveyors of the most brutal music around, this is simple, brutal, sleek thrash metal with hardcore punk forcibly bolted onto it´s forehead. There´s even a bit of Allanah Myles style heavy southern blues there as well (Black Velvet anyone?) Almost guaranteed to get a zen buddhist riled into a pitiless rage. The sound of my thrash youth.

I cannot confirm or deny that the second album in the pack is the self titled debut from Norwegian metallers Kvelertak. But if i was asked an opinion on their album i would say that it´s like Party Death Metal, sounding a little like if Andrew WK wanted to make a death metal record, It´s shamelessly good fun and definitely a hit for the summer.

Ok that should keep you going for this week. Rock on dudes!!

Try my metal music package HERE….

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