Sunday Metal movie Madness! – Heavy Metal in Baghdad (2007)

27 Jun

Well helllooo there Dahlings!

Right now i´m trying to do my best to avoid the fact that there seems to be some kind of football match on today, that everyone seems to be going batshit crazy over. Speaking as a Brit (and a scot at that), it´s not so much the fact that it´s the England team, more like the borg-like hive mindset that the UK media and a good proportion of their fans seem to come under whenever this happens. NNNNNGNGNN!

But for those of you who can´t honestly give a fuck about it all, then i have the best distraction for this afternoon with my sunday metal movie madness! and this week is a modern classic. I give to you “heavy metal in Baghdad

HMIB is a 2007 documentary on the fortunes of a Baghdad heavy metal band that was featured in a 2003 article in Vice magazine. The original journalists travel back to Iraq to find some of the members still alive and trying to keep the music alive, despite death threats from fundamentalists, bombs, the american military and band members being forced to move to neighbouring countries for their safety.

I saw this documentary at the Reykjavik film festival in 2008 and i was taken aback by the determination of the band members to continue doing what they love despite the dangers associated with it. I also remembered that they were also a pretty nihilistic bunch of guys, not really afraid of death anymore. They were certainly more hardcore that your typical Scandinavian death metal fan, all covered in corpsepaint going “praise Satan! i don´t care about death!” Really? fuck off and die then!

So sit back and enjoy that Jihadi Metal spirit!!


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