Another nail in the coffin of good music…. Afrirampo have split!

28 Jun

I found out last week that one of those lovely little Japanese bands that i´m so fond of, Afrirampo have now officially split up.
Damn this is a crying shame as i only just got into them last year and now there is no more of them. To celebrate their split, they held a final 3 hour live concert on the internet on Saturday, which i decided to watch an hour of (mostly due to the fact i was a little hungover). It involved them mostly being semi-naked, sitting on a piano playing instruments and bashing their shit out them while playing propulsive noise rock. Woke me up anyways…

Afrirampo were one of the more “out there” primal noise rock groups to come from Japan. Every time you heard them it was a case of “OMG! what the fuck has just exploded in my brain??”. Mixing Punk, wigged out acid rock, screaming in Japanese, and everything else in their whacked out little minds, there seemed to be a complete freedom in everything they did (for example, for their 2004 album, Baka Ga Kita, they spent a month naked, living with pygmy tribes in Cameroon, for no other reason than, why not?). you certainly wouldn´t expect that sort of thing from the White stripes would you?

And before they split, they had accrued a fair amount of street cred, touring with the likes of Lightning Bolt, Acid Mothers Temple and Sonic youth. At one point they even got to play with Yoko Bono Ono herself. High Praise indeed!

But at least there´s one more album, “we are Uchu no ko”, coming out this summer so at least i can try to get my hands on that little piece of music meth to keep me going for a while.

Oh and if you want to hear what i´ve been belting on about, you can try their 2004 self titled album here

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