Music Dump special: Free internet music Bukkakke horror!

29 Jun

Over the past couple of weeks, My RSS reader (a dark evil place, place where i have to prise it open with tongs covered in condoms and bleach) has been barking information and posts regarding free music, mixes and other assorted titbits that you can download freely on the internets. Now what sort of blogger would i be if i didn´t share all this important information with you all? Not a very good one methinks…..

Ok let´s start the music fapping….

first off is my favourite depressed Finnish Doom Folk merchant J.M. Aaltonen, or as he is better known, Bird From the Abyss. He´s released another EP “III” which he has made available as a free download. Must be alcohol induced depression for the reason that he is giving it away for nothing. Dark fuzzy guitars with an unsettling acoustic accompaniment. The sound of Dark Finnish Forests.

Download “III” HERE

Next up is Warm Waves. As the name suggests, their music is the equivalent of wrapping yourself in a blanket of smacked out bliss. Soft ambient sounds, chiming reverb drenched guitars with slightly cavernous echoes. The sound of a beautiful sunset. I wish that music similar to this will be playing at the inspired by Iceland gig on Thursday but somehow i doubt it very much.

You can download their debut EP “Lifted” at their Bandcamp Page.

Nest, we go to one of our favourite purveyors of fine quality heavy rock shit, Hydra Head Records. they´ve released a free sampler compilation entitled “Phoning it in”, which contains tracks from the likes of Harvey Milk, Oxbow, Pyramids with Nadja, Torche and Kayo Dot. Believe when i say that this is a FUCKING SUPERB compilation and that if you download this, then we can be friends again!

You can download “phoning it in” HERE (note: will require an e-mail address)

Lastly is the South Carolina duo Persona La Ave. Don´t know about the name, but their make a lovely washed lo-fo sound that veers from hypnagogic beat loops to chillwave indie jams with some nice booming drums in the background. Like warm waves, should help you get over those wankers who frustrate you on a daily basis at work….

you can download their debut EP “Brothers was taken” at their Bandcamp Page.


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