Sunday Metal movie Madness Special!!

04 Jul

good afternoon my little gollums of petrified doom….

what a wonderful day it is. the sort of day where it make you glad to be alive.

Wait. what the hell am i saying? Everyone is hungover and the sky is grey and low. the lack of energy is palpable. i think we need to get some serious energy shoved down our Gullets in order for us to start functioning. And i think i may have just the thing. Not one but TWO heavy metal documentaries!

First up is “Dancing with the Devil”, an old 1991 UK documentary that investigated censorship battles in the US over claims that there was a link between Devil worship and heavy metal music.You get to see people who quite obvious have something wrong with them on a genetic level spout all sorts of bullshit  about music they don´t know anything about while they burn piles of heavy metal records (did they pay for those? i hope they did….). It also touches upon the now infamous Court appearance of Judas Priest over charges that their music contained “Subliminal messages” that compelled a 2 teenagers to kill themselves. Oh yeah, and it also has the added pleasure of being introduced by excellent music writer, Steven Wells. Man be a god!

the next i have lined up is Heavy Metal Britannia, which was shown on the BBC as part of it´s “music Britannia” season of documentaries. It tells the story of the roots and rise of the New Wave of British heavy metal in the 80´s. Contains performances from Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Mötorhead, Saxon and Black Sabbath. I can smell the crotch sweat and leather from here…

Ok that will be the last heavy metal movie madness as we´ll be returning to Punk and other lovely delights when i get back from Eistnaflug. And i´ll be needing something a bit more relaxing…

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