Things that should never exist part 435: Icelandic R&B

05 Jul

Now a few weeks ago, we were on our way to Vesturbæjarlaug swimming pool for a casual dip. Sigga often has the radio on FM95.7 , a pure tower of shit to everything that is wrong with music these days. In particular there was one song that was a putrid discharge that oozed from the car speakers. I thought no more of that song (thank god) until tonight…

On Stöð 2´s daily magazine show “Ísland í dag” there was an interview piece on Frídrik Dór, a local musician and producer on the rise of “Icelandic R&B”. And one of the songs that was featured was that very same song that almost cause us to crash our car in disgust. It´s called Geðveikt Fínn Gaur (rough translation “insanely cool dude”) by Steindi Jr & Ásgeir. I´m not going to go into the truly awfulness of the song. I´ll let you decide for yourself when play the video below.

Alas i don´t have the proper video, then you would understand the weird sound that occurs at 2:05 in this one. the official video has the death of a guy that is tied up and gagged. they ask him a question and in 2:05 he gives a muffled answer… that is autotuned! Yes they have autotuned a mans muffled screams. Musical class…

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