Music Dump: Eistnaflug metal package Special! (2)

06 Jul


It´s less than 48 hours before a hellmouth is opened in Eastern Iceland the Eistnaflug metal festival is upon us. Right now i´m sharpening my beer cans, polishing my bottle openers and perfecting my Moshing Technique (sample move: the metalhead battering ram – where i pick up a weaker person and use them as a bashing shield. Try it… it really works!).

The music listening is also now at boiling point to. Lots of cavernous noise and cacophonous walls of guitar hell noise. and as my last Eistnaflug metal post, i´m giving your some truly black as desiccated shit Metal madness.

First up is Liturgy and their latest album “Renihilation”. They´re a black metal band from Brooklyn which Immediately bring up thoughts of a clashing with hipsters from the area (Imaging them bumping into Dirty Projectors while buying a pint of milk). This often means they receive a lot of scorn from the metal brigade. But this album is an imaginative reworking of the Black Metal norm. They describe themselves as “‘transcendental black metal”, which probably doesn´t means that it´s suitable for buddhist meditation. More like the continuous waves of  Pagan doom and blinding Metal noise washes over you and strangely provides a calming effect. Plus the album provides as much force as a paving slab to your testicles. Also, just how fast does that drummer go?

Last up is Procella Vadens by German metallers Imperium Dekadenz. This is not so much Black metal as much “bleak, gray, whiplash cold” metal. It takes a lot of the fundamentals of the Black metal and infuses chunks of melody from accousitc guitar and piano into the tracks. Has a rather soundtrack feel to it. See what you think….

you can try both Albums Here. I recommend that you do.

See you all in the east in a couple of days!!

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