Eistnaflug 2010: Fuck…. what just happened???

12 Jul

Oh dear

Well i managed to get back home yesterday evening from this years Eistnaflug. I’m still feeling pretty bad from head to toe. My upper body is still stiff and sore, my legs look like mince and i still need about 72 more hours of sleep.

Even though people will say it can’t happen, i do think that there is such a thing as having TOO much fun. Especially as there was Death metal, booze, gender bending, outsider art and far too many hamburgers.

But despite that, Eistnaflug was a complete riot. Several bands just blew everything away. Bands like Klink, Severed Crotch, Reykjavik!, and especially, Napalm Death. There were a couple of moments during their set where i was pretty much afraid for my life. The sound of shock and awe.

I need to try to get my head together and do a write-up a review of Thursday night for the Grapevine.  At least i managed to get some notes written down. Whether they make any sense will be another matter….

Oh yes, some lovely people have already pasted a couple of videos from the event. I’m down there somewhere getting the crap kicked out of me. Let’s do this again next year. Groan…..


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