Music Moment: Walls – “Burnt Sienna”

13 Jul


At last i’m finally starting to feel a bit like a regular human being. It did help that my first day back at work was a fairly easy one. Still bloody knackered though….

so i´m going to listen to some soothing, but still powerful ambient stuff….

Tonight i´m listening to “Burnt Sienna” by Walls, a duo consisting of Banjo or Freakout‘s Alessio Natalizia and Allez Allez‘s Sam Willis (no , i´ve never heard of them either…)

Starts off with a throbbing barrage of synths and post-noise guitar, not too dissimilar to ambient shoegaze. Then the heartbeat and the bass synths take over with some  breathy manipulated vocals in the background, then some big whale horns or some shit. Rather suits Iceland’s summer evenings rather well. My advice is to turn your PC speakers up loud for this one. Annoy the neighbours with your relaxing music…


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