Brainfart: Review and thoughts on Eistnaflug 2010

14 Jul

OK i sent my copy off to the Grapevine on Monday night for my review on Thursday at Eistnaflug 2010. I Hope you like it when you read it. But of course a whole lot more happened there besides one night. So what did we get up to???…..

WEATHER: Was it me or was the weather at Neskaupstaður really fucking cold this year? Even though we are in the middle of summer, there was still a lot of snow up on the mountains tops and whenever i woke up each morning i felt like i was in a deep freeze. However it did give rise to a good moment when I left the venue on Saturday night after Severed Crotch, with steam rising from my body…. like i had been to HELLLLL! or something like it….

The MAYHEMISPHERE!!: To avoid the 4th circle of hell that was named by Dante as “Camping”, i managed to blag a space at the off venue site this year. The Mayhemisphere was a lot bigger and better organised this year (i didn´t even know it was on last year). Situated in a disused factory it certainly had many things in it that could have fucked you up (broken glass, jagged bits of metal, etc). The place had lots of things to see/do/listen. There were several pieces of art & photography on display as well as video installations. I even managed to get in on the act in my own frankly amateurish way. Still funny though. We also had Brazilian corpsepaint from the Fragrant Ms Louder (or as she was referred to in a radio interview, a Professional corpse painter), as well as a football match with death metal Vs Black metal (more on that later)

Music wise, there was more noise and rock, than out-and-out metal. I actually missed a lot on Friday, but managed to catch Auxpan, AMFJ (My mate Aðalsteinn´s Project) and Retrön on Saturday. It was all lovely!!

BANDS: overall there was only one favourite for me. Yup NAPALM DEATH was just…. well they certainly were fucking Brutal! And the moshing was particularly rough and violent. Just the way i like it!

Of the rest, my personal favourites were Reykjavik! & Plastic Gods (Thursday), Klink, Wistaria, Dr. Spock & Momentum (Friday) and Celestine & Severed Crotch (Saturday)

There were a few sucky bands, but that would be telling….

SUPERHEROES!!: Ok i do get into the habit of dressing up in stupid costumes and acting like a total cock. Last year i dressed up as Thor, God of Thunder. I t cause a little bit of a stir. This year i decided to try to go one better…. by going as a mexican wrestler! God damn it was uncomfortable though. A bulky “muscle” bodysuit and a pair of underpants that felt like cheesewire in my groin. But it was certainly a sight to behold (even though i was glad to take it off).

SATURDAY: So what happened on Saturday? well lets see…..

– Took part in the aforementioned football match (Death Vs Black metal). I came on in-goal for the Black metal team after they went 2-0 down. The match was finally drawn 2-2. Managed to get a few crunching tackles in on the lead singer of Klink. HAHAHAHAHA!

– Saw some outrageous gender bending courtesy of fine boys, Atli and Hakon, both of whom came out in full drag. Especially Atli, who looked like a cross between 80´s style Cher, Vampirella and the woman from the Scottish widows adverts. all big black hair, vampy make up, thigh boots and goth shawls. He sort of reminded me of the person i lost my virginity too. I got confused. And i wasn´t the the only metal head who was confused by those two on that day…..

– Rabbited on about subatomic particles, Hyper Time, Warren Ellis and the role of the possible God Equation with some awesome friends in a quiet area overlooking the Fjörd (psychedelics may or may not have something to do with it….).  But i managed to compose myself in time to impersonate the Incredible Hulk during Celestine and Severed Crotch´s set. I´m not sure if they would ever describe their music as a prerequisite to “Re-Birthing”….

– Drank so much i didn´t get back to bed until 6.30am. I was picked up by my nephew and we drove back to Reykjavik at 7.30am…..

So my thoughts overall? Damn  it was a fucking blast, the bands were great, the mayhem was just about off the scale and there was a lot of bonding with existing friends, making new friends, and i think at some point i managed to annoy every musician playing at that festival. And that takes a special talent….

Heres to next year……

(Pics courtesy of Rebecca Louder)


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