Music Moment: JD Emmanuel “Attaining Peace”

14 Jul


OK i´m feeling much better. My human levels are now at my default “Simian” level, which means i can use tools with my opposable thumbs. To be honest though, i´m just wanting some lovely music to let my neurons and Synapses decompress and feel more ummmmmmmm…..

So i actually remembered about this man, JD Emmanuel. He is your true “new age” guy. When he´s not espousing spiritual and metaphysical studies, he´s making ambient minimalist music as “electronic meditation”. Whatever it is, it reminds me of many things, from Terry Riley and Krautrock such as Tangerine Dream, to a lot of the Hypnagogic synth stuff that is way out there. I did have his album, Solid Dawn, somewhere, but i’ve lost it. But this track will do just as well, “attaining Peace” from his 1982 album Wizards.

All i need now is some psychedelic drugs, a hilltop, and a pool of warm milk….. oh and naked women. That may help…


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