Music Moment: Zöe Keating “Optimist”

16 Jul


so i´m totally fucking skint, leaving me with only course of action to stay in. And God decides to mock me by making this evening really lovely and sunny, with some quality action going on downtown. Plus he has also put “highlights” of T in the Park on the TV. I  know Editors weren´t that great, but when did they get so Baaaad??

I do hope that this situation of living way out in the sticks will improve soon. Man has a rep to maintain n’ all that…

But at least i have the latest edition of Coilhouse Magazine to read. It´s a bloody good read (And so it should, as it cost me $27 to buy!). One of the articles is about solo Cellist Zöe Keating. She´s worked with the likes of Amanda Palmer and Curt smith, as well as TV & Film soundtracks. Her solo stuff consists of using Electronic samples as well as live layering to create a full sound.

She´s got an album out now, “Into the Trees”. It´s really good, the tracks having an ambient pop sensibility. Think what would happen if she managed to have  a collaboration with the likes of Daníel Bjarnason or Ólafur Arnalds. Now THAT would be something worth listening to.

Anyway here’s tonight’s track from said album, “optimist”

Goodnight fuckheads….

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