Sunday Punk Movie Matinee!: “Crass: There Is No Authority But Yourself”

18 Jul

It’s baaaaaack!

After a month or so of constant metal and full on hardcore thrash and shit, normal Sunday service is now resumed. It´s back to the good ol’  punk movie madness.

So let’s start off today with some good old school anarchist punk. I present to you Crass: There is no Authority but yourself.

Crass were a band that never compromised their beliefs and ideologies, even as other bands split up or got old and past it.  This documentary  shows some of the band members still living at their original place, an old house called Dial House, just outside London. They let fans and strangers onto the property to squat, as well as running workshops on Eco-living and anarchist politics. Here is a band that is still showing that you can live “outside the system”

A perfect video for all you class warriors out there…..


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