Music Dump: Zombi “Spirit Animal”

19 Jul

Good Evening my little porcupine pets…..

You know i´ve realised i didn´t do a single music dump last week, which is a bad call on my part. This needs to be remedied as soon as possible to ensure that quality music (or a loose approximation) comes your way.

Now i love Zombies. Who doesn’t? They are Horrors true bad asses and even better they come with the best type of music. It all came into it´s own with the Romero and Italian Zombie movies of the 70´s, with the likes of Goblin, Riz Ortolani, and Fabio Frizzi. All spooky synths, with Prog rock overtones.

And with this in Mind i´m going to offer you “animal Spirit” by US space rock band Zombi. What Zombi do is create music as the soundtrack to an imaginary zombie film from the 70´s. While their debut “Surface to air” had the film set in an urban setting, “Spirit Animal” realises a jungle/forest setting.

The album is full of spooky retro synth loops, Propelling drums and prog guitar licks. And the songs are full on prog length (the last track “through Time” clocks in at 17 minutes of bad juju).

Anyway, download it and play it on your own with the lights turned out. See what happens…

Get “Spirit Animal” HERE


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