Music Moment: Family Band “Children”

19 Jul

Evening there

Right now i´m just fucking around, making troll posts on various forums and just turning into a human form of a mollusc. Oh and i´m seriously giving serious thought to attending the next annual gathering of the Juggalos, in order to perform some kind of anthropological study into their mating rituals. Should get several hours of full on “Mating” action from that….

But over the weekend i came across this interesting little gem of a band. Family Band are a US concoction centred on New York couple Johnny Ollsin and Kim Krans and other bits of flotsam and jetsam. They play good old-fashioned folk-tinged psych rock, kind of similar to early Cowboy Junkies and Jefferson Airplane, but with extra metal twang and more icy piercing caterwauls.

Great video as well. Reminds me of films like Ravenous and Pale Rider.  It also complements the music as a fire ritual to keep the winter and the evils in the dark at bay. Oh yeah, did i tell you that they recorded these songs in a self built cabin up in the Catskills of new york state. Gives it that old world feel to the sound of the music.

A nice cold antidote the awful warm weather we’ve been having…..

Good night….


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