Iceland Airwaves: No guitars allowed please

22 Jul

It seems like only yesterday when i was doing my last Iceland Airwaves update (and a lot fo fun that was too). But the time is now overdue for another look to see what wonderful bands those one-eyed trolls at the Icelandic music Export have booked for your viewing pleasure.

And from a cursory glance there seems to be one thing missing. guitars. Big noisy messy, slippery, gnarly guitars. Lets see the following bands for proof….

Moderat: Now i actually like these guys. The outcome of a gene splicing experiment between Berlin dance overlords Modeselektor and Apparat to create a super electronic warrior, capable of decimating clubs and scaring small animals from a radius of 300 metres. They had an album (also called Moderat) out last year. Expect very Berlin centered electronic workouts of a very Dubby nature……

Factory Floor: Am only aware of these guys in passing. Very similar to Beak> but a lot more harsh in its sonic blasts. Synths and Vocals remind me of the German post punk of DAF. Apparently they do use guitars sometimes, though not often….

Toro Y Moi: Ahhh the grand poobah of Chillwave, the electro genre that completely overloaded the music Blogosphere earlier this year. Expect lots of retro disco synths, punchy processed beats and reverb drenched, laid back vocals. I expect this guy´s set to be popular, although it has to be noted he only started playing live late last year. I hope he’s managed to build up a decent live show.

Hundreds: Hadn´t heard of these guys before. Seems that they are German and they look as cool and detached as their music. Contains very slow, washed out instrumentals over a clicking electronic beat.Reminds me a bit of  an updated version of Everything But The Girl by way of The XX.

Snailhouse: Canadian acoustic plodders. Probably there to make the Icelandic acoustic acts not feel alone and left out. Sounds okay i guess, but please don´t put them on late on a Sunday night…..

Bombay Bicycle Club: Hmmm… indie up and comers from good ol’ London. Not really getting into these guys. Basically they’re a pastiche of early Editors, who are a pastiche of Interpol, who are a pastiche of (repeat until infinity…). Meh…..

Robyn: Last but certainly not least. This is first “Big Name” that Airwaves have announced for this year. she is the pop woman who you plump for if you don´t want to go with the herd and follow Lady Gaga or Katy Perry. She deserves a lot of credit for going on her own and releasing her music herself when her old label dropped her several years ago. I´ve got her 2005 Album ‘Robyn’, so that Sigga could have something else to listen to other than Moloko on repeat loop.

I´m sure that her live spot will be VERY popular….

So thats it so far. One thing i can definitely say is that this years festival is certainly going to be overloaded with electronic, techno and electro groups and artists this year. Now while some of these acts are verrrrry good, you do run the risk of alienating a section of the gig going audience who aren´t really into that sort of thing.

I certainly hope that there is going to be some full-on noise action announced soon. Why not get guys like Rolo Tomassi, Monotonix, Pulled Apart by Horses, or even kvelertak, so you can even it out and there is something for everyone? Just sayin’ y’know.

OH yeah and more icelandic acts have been announced. Let´s place them in order of preference shall we?

I would PAY to see these guys out of my own pocket: Nóló, Captain Fufanu, Toggi

I don´t mind them being in my earspace, but i´ll be at the bar chatting instead of watching them: For a Minor Reflection, Rökkurró, Diddi Fel, Me the Slumbering Napoleon

I´d rather put caustic soda under my foreskin: Lay Low, Haffi Haff, Biggi Bix, Endless Dark, Emmsje Gauta


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