Music Moment: Gjöll “Hymn for a beast”

23 Jul

Greetings and salutations wingnuts….

Had an interesting night last night. Went to Venue to see a gig laid on by Electric Ethic and Extreme Chill. A night of the best of Icelandic Noise and Ambient destruction. Alas i didn´t stay till the every end (hey i´ve got work at 7am!), so i missed Snorri Ámundsson & Biogen. But i did get to see the likes of Reptillicus, Stilluppsteypa and Evil Madness. A very brutal moment was spent listening to some old duffers who called themselves Inferno 5, who created what can only be described as dance music from the center of an active volcano (with extra bongos). But what was really interesting was the sight of noise artist Rúnar Magnússon sitting crossed legged in front of the bass bin meditating (note the sub bass was so powerful, you could feel the vibrations on your clothes and skin). Freak…..

But of course the best was the opening act Gjöll. Reptillicus’ Jóhan Eriksson and anarchist punk extraordinaire, Siggi Pönk, combine to create a mix of noise and dark ambient from the centre of a Glacier. Fucking brilliant.

I could post any of their tracks, but i really love this one, “Hymn to the Beast” from their 2009 Animal EP. Listen and feel the might of your puny insignificance….

Good night…


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