Music Dump: Scorn “Refuse; Start Fires”

26 Jul

First of all i Apologise….

Why the apologies you ask? Well i should have done some kind of post yesterday, but to be honest the day was a total fucking write off. This is mostly (well actually it was all) due to attending Bakkus’ 2nd Anniversary bash the night before. There was a lot of fun and general silliness. More corpsepaint, music, DJ’s, a moment where i challenged the barstaff to make me a very shocking drink that would knock me back (it took them nearly 10 attempts) and stealing Frímann’s innocence at his 100ISK kissing stall by giving him 500ISK and aksing him to kiss me while looking into my eyes, while i stroked his nipple. Poor boy…

So i was feeling a little bad yesterday. But now i´m back to normal and i think i should be spreading out some lovely music. And so for this weeks music dump, i´m going to get all dirty nasty and grumbling with “refuse ; start Fires by Scorn”

Now i posted a track from this album a few weeks ago, and it was a lovely slab of live minimal dubstep. Scorn is the project of ex- Napalm Death Member Mick Harris. They spent the 90’s sounding rather industrial combined with electronic sounds and hip hop. But over the last decade, he has been making inroads into areas such as trip hop and Dub, particularly Dubstep. This is especially prevalent on “Refuse”, which is a very very gritty, dark form of dubstep. Also making it sound interesting is that instead of programmed beats, he brings in drummer Ian “Yan” Treacy to create the rhythm.

the end result is something that has the claustrophobic noir atmosphere of The heaviest dub and is perfect for that “late night” listening on a hot summers evening alone with your paranoid thoughts….

You can try Refuse: Start Fires HERE

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