Verslunarmannahelgi – YOU MUST DO SOMETHING! OBEY!

30 Jul

Good afternoon there fuckbags!

Well i thought i was going to be away from this for up to 2 weeks while the phone company would fuck up relocating our phone and internet connection. Actually it turns out that the did it in 2 hours! So we were able to go online the day after our moving. HALLELUJAH!!

Which is just as well as the biggest weekend in the Iceland summer is upon us. No not Eistnaflug, but Verslunarmannahelgi (the Merchants Weekend), which happens every bank holiday weekend in august. All over the country, people are leaving the towns and villages and descending into the wilderness to party, while those of an impressionable young age descend into the camp sites (or the Westmann Islands) to pass out drunk and get their stomach pumped, have underage sex with a passed out girl and contract chlamydia, party the weekend away to quality music and DJ’s.

Obviously i´m waaaay too old and boring for that sort of thing, so i will be staying in Reykjavik (plus i have to fix up my new flat). But there will be a lot of music on this weekend. The main big event will be the Innipúkinn fesitval. THis has been going on for several eyars now as an alternative for those who can´t be arsed going into the country. This years line up has been split into two venues, Sódóma and err… the Venue and will be over 3 nights. the line up fro 2010 is as follows…

21:00 Sóley
22:00 Markús & the Diversion Sessions
23:00 Of Monsters and Men
00:00 Me, the Slumbering Napoleon
01:00 Ojba rasta

21:30 Lára
22:30 Lay Low
23:30 Árstíðir
00:30 Útidúr
01:30 Orphic Oxtra

20:30 Snorri Helgason
21:30 My Summer as a Salvation Soldier
22:30 Stafrænn Hákon
23:30 Morðingjarnir
00:30 Quadroplus

20:00 Kristín
21:00 Nóra
22:00 Pascal Pinon
23:00 Mr. Silla
00:00 Evil Madness
01:00 Nóló

21:00 Formaður Dagsbrúnar
22:00 Hudson Wayne
23:00 Moses Hightower
00:00 Æla

20:30 Heavy Experience
21:30 Diddi Fel
22:30 Berndsen
23:30 Raggi Bjarna & hljómsveit
01:00 Retro Stefson

Overall not a bad line up as such. No major hitters, but as someone did point out, a lot of newer and up-an-coming acts. I would say though that i would avoid Sódóma on a Friday night as just about every act on that bill sucks a major fat one. the best acts on that bill are mostly on Venue on Saturday, plus Nóra  Evil Madness and Nóló at Venue on the Saturday nights which is what i´ll be probably plumping for.

Now if the thought of psending 200ISK for a nights music is just not on, and you prefer something a little stodgier and heavier, then there is another festival happening on that same time. Dillons Rock bar, along with the Thule brewery are

holding a rock festival over the weekend. and entry is FREE!! Yes… FUCKING FREE!!

the line for this festival is as follows

22:00 -23:00 Vicky (inni)
21:10 -22:00 XIII
20:10 -21:00 Dark harvest
19:10 -20:00 At Dodge City
18:10-19:00 Blæti
17:10 -18:00 Trust the lies

22:00-23:00 Vintage (inni)
21:10 -22:00 Momentum
20:10 -21:00 Manslaughter
19:10 -20:00 Nögl
18:10 -19:00 Morning after you
17:10 -18:00 2 tickets to Japan

22:00 -23:00 Nevoloution
21:10 -22:00 Pascal Pinon
20:10 -21:00 Mikado
19:10 -20:00 Aggi

Of course the best evening is on Saturday with Momentum and Manslaughter, although Friday night with Vicky and XII will also be a blast. Did i also say that it is free as well.

Now that you have the info available then go and get some alcohol, drugs and small animals and remind people why Iceland is the best in the fucking world at this sort of thing…

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