FREE SHIT! FREE SHIT! FREE SHIT! (or – Music that is freely available for download apparently…)

31 Jul

Haven´t done these for a couple of weeks, but my bookmarks folder is starting to strain with numerous links to freely available music. So now is the time to start dumping it on you schlubbs from a great height…

Ok first the Free EP’s….

The first EP here is “Drifting” by Mutual Benefit. Hardly know anything about these dudes, but the EP was released by Kassette Klub, a mixtape blogsite. It’s a lovely dreamy very lo-fi pop effort, a mix of acoustic guitars, echoed vocals and cheap keyboard instrumentals. The last track will definitely remind you a lot of death cab for cutie though. something that can be used to relax with….

Next is “North Dorm” by Evenings. 5 tracks of lovely Glo-Fi sounds that are actually a lot better and melodic than most of the stuff that goes on out there. Again a rather relaxing ambient sound. and this too is also for free! What is it with these new artists wanting to give all their shit away for nothing?

Last of todays EP’s is “New season Screen” by Russian artist  Bitter TV. Again like the previous 2 EPs, this is also very much in the chilled out electronic sphere of things. But it just feel more bright and shiny in its sound. Like someone gave a heavy sprinkling of MSG over it before they uploaded it to the site. But it certainly made me smile a lot when i played it.

Ok now that the EP’s are done and dusted, last up is “The Virgin Spirit Mixtape, Parts 1 & 2” from the God of Blues blogsite. Virgin Spirit are members Pink Priest and Party Trash (with those names they will definitely go far!). the mixtape is over 2 hours of fucked up Witch House drones, slowed down squelchy hip hop, old 70’s horror soundtracks and early industrial sounds. The first part is by far the best, including music form Horror films such as Suspiria, Hellraiser and Cannibal Holocaust, as well as artists such as Mobb Deep and Throbbing Gristle. The second part is a far more claustrophobic affair as it’s THC-induced noises burrow its way into a very paranoid part of your headspace. Great for playing on your own on a Sunday evening with the sound on the TV turned off…..

Download “The Virgin Spirit Mixtape, Part 1” HERE

Download part 2 HERE

Ok that’s my lot. Don´t say i´m never good to you grasping little bastards…


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