Sunday Punk Movie Matinee: “UK DK – A Film About Punks and Skinheads”

01 Aug


Well today has been another write off. Last night was a classic orgy of wanton destruction. At times it felt a bit like i was reliving the video to the Prodigy’s “Smack my bitch up” (but without the wild sex scenes with lap dancer). the scene at Dillons was complete chaos due to the police forcing the bands to play inside the night before and the people running the PA system being the biggest bunch of fucking amateurs i´ve ever seen in live music. Shame really as Manslaughter tore the place to shreds with an immense Metalcore set and a big fuck you to the organisers. and it continued at Bakkus and Venue where things got VERY hazy and stupid. Fun times had by all. But i think that will be me for now, until culture night probably…

But now the blogging continues. And although it’s late, it’s still sunday and that means it time for Sunday punk movie matinee!

This week it’s “UK DK – A film about punks and Skinheads”. The documentary focuses on the 2nd wave of street punk of the early 80’s. By that time punk had become yesterdays news and had moved underground. The documentary showcases some of the bands from that time, such as the exploited, Chaos UK, The Varukers and Vice Squad. It also speaks to members of the scene as well as punk journalists. you may recognise one said journalist as Gary Bushell, who was a music journalist and ardent socialist before becoming a bullshit-spewing crypto-fascist fo the worst kind.

An interesting film about real underground punk of the early 80’s.


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