Muisc Dump: Drink to Me “Brazil”

02 Aug

Good afternoon there my little mud butts….

Taking a break from my DIY chores. A shelf up here, a picture hanged there, a coat rack that took 12 attempts to put on the wall properly. don´t worry, it’s still just about in one piece.

But as it’s Monday, then it must be time for you to receive my joyous offer of free music. Yes, you are the baby chicks awaiting that meal, and i´m the mother regurgitating some half digested earthworms into your gullet. Yum!!

Ok this week i´ve got some lovely music from the land of pasta, fascism and defence orientated football. Yup Italy isn´t known for its wealth of new music (Italian piano house music? Pfft!), but once in a while a band comes along that takes your notice. And Drink to me are such a band.

I´ve been listening to their debut album for nearly 2 weeks now. I know absolutely bugger all about them, except that they are Italian (although they sing in English),. But they do a great line in pounding electro rock. Very psychedelic with more emphasis on crunching metallic synths for the riffs instead of guitars. It´s a little bit similar to Health, but a lot more catchy and poptastic, which is no bad thing.

Now, if this band were announced to play at Iceland Airwaves, then i would most definitely say that this would be a step in the right direction. I hope someone give the band a call to make it so….

You can try “Brazil” HERE

And then you can buy it HERE

Now where’s my hammer?…..

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