Video Dump: Huoratron “CORPORATE OCCULT”

03 Aug

You know when i were but a young whippersnapper, if I ended up with a nice lady (or gentleman, they were heady times) for a bit of a one night stand after meeting them on a night out, usually the worst I’d have to look out for would be and STD or if they were a crazy person who wrapped their bedroom  in tinfoil and covered the bed with 50 cuddly toys.

But nowadays, todays youth are so jaded that the thought of Chlamydia or a total freaking psycho barely raises a shrug. Nothing about a one night stand would freak them out anymore.

Unless it involved death by tentacle explosion or something….

And this is EXACTLY the sort of thing you get with the video to “Corporate Occult” from Finnish electro wankers, Huoratron. Filmed on a low-budget and completely shot in night vision, it tells the story of a one night stand from hell… literally. Right from the start when the woman leads the man up a long flight of stairs, you know that this does not bode well. I won´t go into details, but it’s safe to say that the video rapes (violates would be too polite a word) influences such as REC, The Blair witch project, Species, various Lovecraftian influences of aliens and lizard people and the Prodigy’s “Smack my Bitch up”.

It should be noted that the other video from director Cédric Blaisbois (for “Flesh” by Mr Flash), contains lots of Soft Core Lesbian Sex in neon paint and what looks like a lot of raw and cooked meat. Methinks someone has been watching a bit too much Gasper Noé for their own good

So watch this video and NEVER have freaky sex again…

Disclaimer: Just to remind you that this film is VERY NSFW (unless it is the offices of Össur and the Grapevine, then i DARE you to watch it). Contains very explicit sex scenes, violence, gore, lizards and (worst of all) a possible lack of condom use. Have they no shame??

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