Memory Sludge: “Star Test……”

04 Aug

I´m now REALLY starting to regret watching “inception’ last night. Oh it was a really great movie, but i then had the lovely experience of have a very vivid dream that i actually imagined i was in an “inception” or an “extraction” or something or other. When i woke up, the first thing i felt was “Shit, is THIS a dream???”

Also today, i´ve been getting a load of memory flashbacks while i was working today. In particular  this popped into my lizard brain while having my first cup of tea this morning…. Star Test!!

Shown on Channel 4 in the UK from 1998-91, it interviewed many celebrities and musicians from the period. What was different was that there was no presenter present. Questions were asked by a disembodied “Voice”, a bit like a female Hall 9000. The interviewee would point at the “Touch Screen” to decide what questions would be answered while  all sorts of cool hip graphics (Think ZX spectrum or Atari ST) would float around the screen. It was a bit of a cross between smash hits and the Psychological examination scene from “Blade Runner”. Was a fair bit ahead of its time really, but was required sunday morning viewing around our place…

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