Iceland Airwaves: I know something you don´t know….

05 Aug

sometimes it pays to be an annoying obsessive pain in the arse……

After my last post appeared about Iceland Airwaves (about the lack of guitar based noise acts, etc, etc) I received a comment on Facebook from a friend. It said….

I know something you don´t know….

This was intriguing to say the least! Now i cold have gone to my friend and either plied him with booze  or threatened him with physical violence. “But Wait i can solve this riddle” i thought to myself. Perhaps he was referring to a band that i´ve mentioned in my past articles….

Well i can now announce that after a LOT of searching (15 minutes) i can sort of exclusively confirm (thanks to their page) that ROLO TOMASSI will indeed be playing Iceland Airwaves this year!

This is a very good thing.  If you haven´t heard of them, then they do a very synth based line in screamo hardcore music. But while most bands like that just give me arse ache (Attack! Attack!, iwrestledabearonce, Endless Dark, which to be honest are just shit crabcore), they use the keyboards to better effect so that it sometimes sound more prog than crab (just add a core to whatever word you’re thinking of). Either way, this is bound to being some balance to the Iceland airwaves force. At least i can punch something now…

Second up is a group that hasn´t been announced yet as playing, but they WILL be playing. I would love to say that this one was all me, but actually it was thanks to my lovely friend Elly Oracle who discovered this on their MySpace page. UK synth punk group Teeth will also be playing at Airwaves. Now i have never heard of these guys before, but they play simple laptop driven electronics with a live percussion background. the hard sound reminds me a bit like Holy Fuck, so already that is a tick mark against their name. Should be an interesting act to watch….

Last but not least, as they’ve posted this on their twitter an hour ago. YUNIOSHI are another act confirmed as playing this year. They’re an up-and-coming UK act and what they do is a kind of funky rock with a breakbeat style of rhythm.Very similar to when the Beastie boys do their live rock angle (Think Sabotage and you’re sort of there). Their music has even been used on a TV as to sell cars. Very ironic sell out and stuff. But it still sounds great….

Oh yeah and APPARAT ORGAN QUARTET are playing as well, but i will post something about them at a later date. Remember who told you first about all of this!!!



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2 responses to “Iceland Airwaves: I know something you don´t know….

  1. ellyoracle

    August 5, 2010 at 7:11 pm

    TEETH are amazing! Rolo Tomassi Are AMAZING! YESYESYES!!


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