Reykjavik Grapevine: The Professional Hipster: “Fist & Shout”

06 Aug

Ok i´ve not written this piece, but it’s a new column written by a nice friend of mine, that i think you will all like…..

Hipsters in 101 Reykjavik are closely related to Shoreditch Twats from London and Brooklyn Fuckwits from New York. But despite this Frímann is still a lovely man. This is because

– He loves Comics.

– He was willing to get a FUCKING MOOMIN tattooed on his forearm.

– He has exceptional taste in music. Massive hero is Nick Cave. Nuff said.

– He’s a vegan (no, wait that part can´t be right….)

So read his new column where he tells of attending the 1st birthday party of Uber-filthbag bar Bakkus a few weeks ago. I may be mentioned in it, but i have no idea what he’s talking about, destroying his innocence…

Fist & Shout…

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