Sunday Punk Movie Matinee! “Sid and Nancy”

08 Aug

Good evening there my desiccated slugs of doom…..

I´ve spent most of the morning writing a piss poor column that i´m not that happy with, but i´ve got till tomorrow to get it sorted out (i.e. – Make it funny and readable. No biggie). But of course i was dragged out for a long dinner with friends and didn´t get time to put in a decent post. Oh the stress of it all!

Well tomorrow I’ll get around to putting down my thoughts on what went on during yesterdays Gay Pride parade, which was a lot of fun. But right now i´m looking to kick back with another Sunday Punk Movie Matinee!

And of course i´m going for a classic today. It needs no real introduction so here it is. Ladies and Gents, SID AND NANCY!

Directed in 1986 by Alex Cox and starring Gary Oldman & Chloe Webb, it’s a biopic of Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols and his relationship with his Girlfriend, Nancy Spungen.

While it’s not a completely ‘accurate’ portrayal of his life and the punk scene, it’s still a pretty entertaining film nonetheless.

Right, i´m off to try to get this damn column finished…..

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